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Our Story

We Can™ Coffee Company

YES, We Can!

We Can Coffee Company offers freshly roasted to order premium blends of coffee delivered to your front door. Support members of the military and first responders with every sip you take. Embrace Our Heroes.

Our Mission

If you’re like us, coffee represents an enjoyable start to the day.

At We Can Coffee, our mission is to add another component to this daily feel-good ritual by providing our customers with an opportunity to donate coffee with every sip they take. Embrace Our Heroes.

We are an on-line coffee company that supports members of the military and first responders by donating a pound of coffee to members of the military and first responders for every 10 bags of coffee that we sell. It’s our way of showing respect and gratitude while simultaneously enabling our customers to do the same.

Nominate Someone

We Can Coffee is inspired by the sacrifices being made by the people who serve in the military, or are first responders. Our American-made coffee is delivered right to your door to get you prepared to take on the day. With every purchase you make you can feel good that you’ll be giving back and bringing a smile, or simply saying hello to someone who is always there for you. We’re pouring love, hope, caring, gratitude, laughter hugs and peace every morning. What are you pouring today? Embrace Our Heroes.

Our Coffee

As passionate coffee drinkers ourselves we know the pleasure of having a good cup of coffee in the morning. Our beans are carefully roasted in small batches to give our coffee a rich, smooth and fresh taste. Knowing that our customers like to have a variety of options to choose from we decided to offer our coffee by country of origin, blend, or flavor. Our coffee can be purchased in standard ground or full bean formats. All of our beans are freshly roasted to order before being shipped. Embrace Our Heroes.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program provides companies with a turnkey feel-good “giving back” program. Embrace Our Heroes.

Anyone who drinks coffee can support your existing military and veteran giving programs. In fact, the more coffee that workers drink – whether at home or in the office - the more your company can donate to its veteran or other charitable programs with no other commitment needed on your behalf. We make it easy to start the donation process by providing all the marketing and communications tools you need to spread the word to your employees. Embrace Our Heroes.

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